"I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I really feel that I have come away with a new understanding and skills that will really benefit me in my career. Thank you."
M. Knight, Project Manager, Total Fire Safety

"Thank you very much for your support during what I consider the best development in my life and career so far.  The foundation of your course has given me the confidence to surround myself with experts in the field and speculatively secure project work with charities and companies interested in social change. I hope your lessons continue to resonate in to the future with other professionals and good human beings.”
Hazel Hall, Project Manager

"I am thoroughly enjoying using the tools to which we were introduced and am now able to greatly help with the structuring of projects. Thank you so much for your rapid appraisal of my final assignment - it means a great deal to me to have worked on this with your tuition, support and guidance."
Suzi Pendlebury, Caroe Architecture Ltd., London

"I would like to thank you for the prompt detailed assessment of my coursework and also the project management course in general. It was excellent, very informative, albeit extremely intense and I definitely learned a lot. Project management should be mandatory in architectural education. I definitely apply what I have learned to my practice."
Warren Williams, architect.