APM Professional Qualifications (PMQ, PPQ) and Chartered Project Professional standard (ChPP). 

Preparing for assessment for membership of the APM: the PMQ, PPQ and direct application.

There are three possible routes to attaining professional membership (‘full’ membership) of the APM. These are detailed at https://www.apm.org.uk/membership/. Broadly, the minimum you would need is three years of experience in projects as a practitioner and hold the PMQ, and then apply direct; pass the PPQ; direct application for those with the requisite amount of experience. 

The Chartered Project Professional standard (ChPP).  The Advanced Professional Certificate covers the technical knowledge, professional practice and ethical behaviour required to demonstrate the standard of competences needed to apply for membership through this route.

The Advanced Professional Certificate covers the syllabus for the PMQ and PPQ qualifications.  Successfully completing the course will assist in demonstrating that you have the required competences needed to apply for membership. Please visit the APM website for the latest information on applying for membership and on how to apply to take examinations .