About this course

This short course in construction project management is designed for:

  • Construction professionals who are trained within a design profession or in construction management (architects, structural engineers, designers, construction),
  • or those who have three or more years’ experience in project management.

Its relevance is to those who want

  • to become truly competent in Project Management, managing the process and lead the project team in a professional, skilled way
  • to gain membership of the APM

Our aim is to teach you to become a successful project manager; taking time to instil competence from the start. We work with each individual to ensure that they master the learning and are able to apply it in practical situations which may be complex and demanding.

The distance learning course is structured in learning ‘Blocks’. Each Block runs for four to five weeks with weekly video conference calls, distance learning modules and team exercises.  At the end of the course you will have a firm foundation and sufficient depth of knowledge to have confidence in your understanding of project management. The overall length of study is four to five months. For the duration of the course tutors are available to help and guide you.

On satisfactory completion of each block you will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement.