We welcome on our courses all who have experience of construction projects and wish to improve their project management skills to a professional standard. The courses are about developing competence, not just about adding to knowledge. They help you learn to think in a way that is logical, creative and focused on problem solving. They are intensive, challenging and intensely practical. 

We are the sole providers of the RIBA Certificate in Construction Project Management and this course is held regularly throughout the year.

RIBA Certificate in Construction Project Management

This intensive course focuses on effective techniques and procedures for meeting clients' needs, avoiding problems and finding solutions throughout the project lifecycle.  By the end of the course, you will be analysing project situations and putting together complex plans based on your own developed judgement, balancing all the factors involved against one another. We shall be asking you to tackle case studies in which there is no single right answer, but a lot of scope for you to try out your skill in applying your new learning - the theory and tools of project management - to solve problems and get the best result out of an uncertain situation....more>

CDM 2015 – New Roles and Responsibilities

The course gives you an informed understanding of the roles and responsibilities that now exist under CDM 2015. It highlights the dangers and pitfalls that lurk within the legislation...more>

CDM 2015 – Principal Designer’s Skills

Advanced Design Management as the key to CDM 2015 for Principal Designers. Enhancing your way of working, and helping you to deliver better projects may not be the common reputation of CDM 2015, but it does have this potential... more>


I would like to thank you for the prompt detailed assessment of my coursework and also the project management course in general. It was excellent, very informative, albeit externally intense and I definitely learned a lot. Project management should be mandatory in archtectural education. I definitely apply what I have learned to my practice.

Warren Williams, architect. June 2016


I am thoroughly enjoying using the tools to which we were introduced and am greatly helping with the structuring of projects here, even with the limited time the course allowed.
Thank you so much for your rapid appraisal of my final assignment - it means a great deal to me to have worked on this with your tuition, support and guidance.

Suzi Pendlebury, Caroe Architecture Ltd., London Feb 2016

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